Monday, 26 September 2011

A Picture Post [brief]

Sorry there isn't really much substance in this, just afew pictures!

The Shell blanket I made for a friend's newborn <3


A crocheted Mei Tei I made for the same friends older daughter so she could be like mummy.. (for play purposes only, not for use with a real baby, just toys!)


The blankets I made for the Neonatal fundraiser day...


Organising mine & the blankets other people made for me the night before the fundraiser...


Some of the blankets set up on the day, rain pushed us into one of the portable classrooms, I think we'd have done better if the rain had left us alone.. (we made around £80 in total but all of the blankets are going to the neonatal unit I just need to drop them off after my next antenatal appointment)


My little "NeoTot" all worn out after a long day riding on donkeys & looking cute


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bad Blogger

I really have been so bad at keeping this updated.
The worst bit is I've been making sure I've taken the pictures to be able to blog about how the blankets are coming along for the fundraiser I just haven't switched the laptop on to transfer the pics from the memory card to & upload & resize & share.
Worst. Blogger. Ever!

In total I made 12:30 blankets, all very plain & boring but I'm happy with them (as long as I don't put them next to something pretty! The lady I blogged about in the entry called the kindness of strangers sent me 8 & she did 2 knitted rabbits too! & they are all gorgeous.
My nanna made 6 blankets I think, maybe 7 and they're all so soft and pretty. And a lady i met through netmums has given me a couple of bags with blankets & some knitted cardigans, hats and booties in too.

All I need to do is wash them all & get organised for next Sunday now!

Will blog/update this with pictures & links later if Little H & the bump let me x