Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Wow, So I haven't updated in awhile, a baby has been born & life got hectic but somehow I've managed to find time to crochet. Anyhow, my blog has or is in process of moving to.. Hopefully now that things are settling down I'll get back into the swing of taking photos & updating. Hope to see you there x

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Neglected :(

Wow, its been such a long time!

Since the fundraiser the days & weeks seem to have merged!

Around 30 weeks pregnant I had a stint in hospital where we thought that baby might have to be delivered early, so corticosteroids were given and a heart scan was done on baby (he/she has an irregular heartbeat) and at that time they were happy to leave him/her to cook for longer (phew!)
At just over 32 weeks I started having contractions & baby's heartbeat was dropping with them, so I had another few days in hospital & once the contractions stopped we came home. (phew again!)

Since then I've been at the hospital for monitoring and check ups every few days so I haven't really had chance to switch the computer on.

I have however at every appointment & stay in hospital had my crocheting with me! Never leave home without it.
I managed to make afew bits for the forum Christmas craft swap (won't post about them as they haven't been received by my lady yet) and am maybe a quarter through a blanket for my baby. And a smidge through another blanket for baby, but the other blanket is out of a wool that I can't afford to get another few balls for yet (its nearly £5 a ball.. didn't think that one out too well!)

Anyway tomorrow I am off to the hospital to be induced. A little early (I'll be 36 weeks & 5 days) but they've decided for mine & baby's sake its the best option.
I'm just hoping to be able to avoid another c-section at the moment! So fingers crossed the induction goes well.
Sadly this means I possibly won't get much of a chance to update again anytime soon sorry :(

Monday, 26 September 2011

A Picture Post [brief]

Sorry there isn't really much substance in this, just afew pictures!

The Shell blanket I made for a friend's newborn <3


A crocheted Mei Tei I made for the same friends older daughter so she could be like mummy.. (for play purposes only, not for use with a real baby, just toys!)


The blankets I made for the Neonatal fundraiser day...


Organising mine & the blankets other people made for me the night before the fundraiser...


Some of the blankets set up on the day, rain pushed us into one of the portable classrooms, I think we'd have done better if the rain had left us alone.. (we made around £80 in total but all of the blankets are going to the neonatal unit I just need to drop them off after my next antenatal appointment)


My little "NeoTot" all worn out after a long day riding on donkeys & looking cute


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bad Blogger

I really have been so bad at keeping this updated.
The worst bit is I've been making sure I've taken the pictures to be able to blog about how the blankets are coming along for the fundraiser I just haven't switched the laptop on to transfer the pics from the memory card to & upload & resize & share.
Worst. Blogger. Ever!

In total I made 12:30 blankets, all very plain & boring but I'm happy with them (as long as I don't put them next to something pretty! The lady I blogged about in the entry called the kindness of strangers sent me 8 & she did 2 knitted rabbits too! & they are all gorgeous.
My nanna made 6 blankets I think, maybe 7 and they're all so soft and pretty. And a lady i met through netmums has given me a couple of bags with blankets & some knitted cardigans, hats and booties in too.

All I need to do is wash them all & get organised for next Sunday now!

Will blog/update this with pictures & links later if Little H & the bump let me x

Monday, 22 August 2011

Been away (and crocheting!)

I'm so sorry for my lack of commenting recently.
We went away at the end of last week & have only returned home this evening so not even a proper update from me tonight (sorry, so so tired!)

It was a trip for a family gathering (nicknamed the summer event) & it was the first time that Mr. Me & I had managed to go, so we made a long weekend of it, and of course I took my crocheting with me as I couldn't not be trying to do more blankets for the fundraiser day, I finished one (that was already almost finished) on the way down, and started another one, which by the time the drive home came today I was almost halfway through and didn't put as much of the journey time into it as I should.

But here is my work in progress when we stopped at Watford Gap services on the way home today (and the packet of Haribo's that I was responsible for feeding to the Mr as & when required!)


Right I really must go to bed! So tired! Hopefully will do a proper update tomorrow! x

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Thank You!

I haven't managed to take pictures myself to do a proper blog post, but I *have* to do a thank you post to Felishumanus of Ravelry.

They saw a post I did asking for help with blankets for the fundraiser day and messaged me offering a blanket that needed a home.

Today it arrived and its absolutely gorgeous! Little H loved it the colours and the fun-ness of me holding it over his head as he was laid on the floor and draping it over him, so it created giggles in the house too.

Linkage to the blanket is...

Thank you so much! <3

Friday, 5 August 2011

It's a.....

Granny Stripe!!
Well I suppose to be grammatically correct I should say "It's an Attic24 Granny Stripe"
& I am totally in love with it!

I started it the other day, it's blanket number 9 for the Neonatal Funday. I got bored (well bored is the wrong word, but I needed a change from millions of half treble crochets!!) and just had to try and see if I could do the Granny Stripe. Turns out I can!


The wool is one of the ones I picked up at the market for £1.90 a ball so it's not really the perfect wool for prem babies so the blankets made of this wool will probably end up going home with someone not on the unit, but it's got a strand of something in it that gives it a shiney effect (I can't describe it but its there!)

I have to say Granny Stripe is one of my fave patterns that I've just picked up & had a go at. Although I did fluff up the foundation chain by one stitch, but I'll hide that when I finish up (shh don't tell anyone haha!)

The other day the postman came and brought me some presents...


I was so excited!


The book is the one referred to in Attic24's snake Tah-dah! blog post and I had a massive case of the wanties! And it finally arrived! I haven't managed to sit and look through it properly yet (I couldn't divert my attention further) but on flicking through the pages there's so many gorgeous pictures I can't wait! I've put my name down for a craft swap on the parenting forum for Christmas so I'll hopefully get to use some bits!

And the giant bag, oh how I love you giant bag!! It is for my wool stash. All those pictures from the stash blog entry are happily tucked up in there as well as more. Oh how I love it! Its the Night Owl bag from There's so much beautiful stuff on their site!

Right, back to crocheting. These blankets won't make themselves!

(oh & to add, no UTI but the pain is still there, they just don't know what it is but I'm ok)

2nd edit to add.. take a look at Country Rose's blog. Gorgeous blog & she's currently running a giveaway!