Monday, 18 July 2011

Diddy Blankets

So this probably isn't the best image to start my blog off with, I took it on my phone in my rush to get the blog set up and running, as I can't find the charger for the camera battery.

These are the blankets I've made so far for the local hospital Neonatal Fundraising Funday that is in September. 4 are completed and the blue one at the bottom isn't too far off.
I've quite enjoyed making them, as they're only basic blankets ranging from 19inch squares to I think 24inches is about the biggest so far, and I've only been doing half treble crochet stitches. The top two are in 4ply with 3.5mm hooks and have taken much longer than the double knit wool ones with 4.5mm hooks, but the 4ply ones are so soft and pretty!

I've got a few people helping me out knitting or crocheting the odd blanket for me to try and build up the numbers as the stall that I will be running is a "buy a blanket/donate a blanket" stall. So people will have the choice to either buy one for themselves to use as a car seat/pram/snuggle blanket or buy a blanket and donate it straight to the Neonatal Unit. So either way the unit will benefit.

I came up with the idea after thinking about last years fundraiser I "struggled" spending the money I'd taken with me, I brought some raffle tickets and had a play on some of the stalls and brought afew items off of one of the ladies craft stalls, but before leaving to go home I ended up buying a load of tickets for the gunge a dad stall but not using them (I had to leave to feed Little H) So I figured with the blanket stall if people had money left over they can donate the money & a blanket and go home feeling proud that they've done their bit (if that makes sense!)

Right, best get back to crocheting whilst Little H is having a nap.

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