Thursday, 21 July 2011

The kindness of strangers

Obviously you already know about the blanket project for the Neonatal Unit. (if not see previous blog entries)

It wouldn't be taking place without the kindness of strangers. And everyday that kindness amazes me as it grows.
A few of the girls on the pregnancy/parenting forum are making blankets to help me, they were my first stop on asking for help and have been amazing. My nanna who recently had a mastectomy has done a few blankets for me (and has added in cardigans and other bits) because she actually cannot *not* crochet despite being one boob down (and making jokes about it!) And then I posted on Ravelry, not even asking for help (unless I missed the point of the thread) and a lady has sent me a message offering to make a blanket. It really took me by suprise and I'm so happy that so many kind people are in the world.

Other people are also sending oddend balls of wool (you know those dinky bits you get left with at the end of a ball) so I can do a "guess how many mini balls of wool are in the jar" to help raise a bit more money for the unit. And people are also helping me out with a prize for that. The lovely lady who runs "Home Baked" wax melts is putting together a set of melts & a burner for a prize (she's closed for a house move at the moment but seriously bookmark her, I've never smelt anything so delicious!) One of the members of the parenting/pregnancy forum has offered to make a pram/carseat sized granny stripe blanket for me, and my local hairdresser is also donating a prize for me.

I can't believe how kind and helpful people are! Why is the world in such a state when lovely people are out there!

& to the kind people in the world. A massive thank you <3


Apple said...

I think sometimes we get exposed to so much bad news in media (not saying we should be ignorant of it) that our perception of the world becomes a bit sad and warped. Yes there is a minority of bad people out there but there are so many kind giving people out there too (yourself included :)) thing is it seems no one wants to hear the good news.

If you send me your address I'll ask my Nan if she has any ends of wool I can forward onto you xx

TrulyJaded said...

Oh thank you so much apple! Will pm you! x