Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Number 6

So, blanket number 5 was completed last night, and blanket number 6 is underway.

I'm enjoying the ease at which I'm managing to do these diddy blankets, but I find my eyes wandering onto pretty patterns and the desire to do bright colourful blankets.
I spent far too long last night procrastinating looking at lots of pretty blogs, and peoples Ravelry pages, so many new favourites on there now. So much I want to do!

Must stay focussed, especially once the book I ordered arrives that was inspired by Attic24's snake post. Only have to last until September and then I can start making bright colourful things again.

Although I do feel like I'm doing something good by making these blankets for the Neonatal Unit.

Ooo & look at the colour difference between yesterdays picture and todays! Todays was taken on the camera! Must keep that battery charged!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your little tiny blankets. I'm a little blanket obsessed and can't help starting new ones! Reading you bit about yourself, and I have a little H too! Welcome to blogging! It can be addictive!

by Teresa said...

That is so neat you're making blankets for the babies, what a great idea! Do they have rules on what kind of yarn you can use?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)